Online classes – How it all works?

Tough times for us all and we’re counting on your support now more than ever!

All our 1 to 1 & Group language courses are available in the form of online classes. So if you’ve always wanted to learn a language but felt that you didn’t have time there are no excuses, now is the time!

We are offering FREE 30 minute trial classes online, enabling you to meet your teacher, familiarise yourself with the online platform (SKYPE, FACETIME or ZOOM) and get a feel for what language learning is all about. Things are very different from any language learning experience you might have had at school.

Our team or professional native language teachers are desperate to keep busy during these challenging times and are determined to help focus people’s minds on something other than the obvious.

So if you have a property abroad, holiday in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal , need help preparing for GCSE or A Level exams, are looking to improve your language skills to enhance your job prospects or simply just want to learn a new skill for the fun of it we can help!

If you want to learn together with a friend or group or friends you can create your own private group class with friends or learn together with a partner Tutorial (1 to 2) option.

There is no obligation to book a course following the FREE trial class and setting up a trial session is nice and easy. You simply have to tell us your preferred day/time and language and we’ll schedule the lesson accordingly with a member of our teaching team.

BLOCK 6hr bookings available

Course typePrice per hourPrice for 6 hr block
1-to-2£24/hr per person£144 per person
Private Group (3-8 participants)£12/hr per person£72 per person


EMAIL INFO@MARLOWLANGUAGECENTRE.CO.UK to book your FREE 30 minute trial class.