2018 English exam success!

Recent EFL exam results for our students

The results are in for the eight students who have been studying with us for their Cambridge Advanced English exam. We are happy to say everyone received a great passing grade, with two students receiving a distinction and a merit grade respectively. These results represent a fantastic achievement; both the students themselves and our English teaching team should be very proud to see that their hard work has paid off.

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Embracing local culture as a second-home-owner

Live like a local

When you finally achieve the dream of buying, renovating, building or even renting your dream home abroad, the idea of embracing the local culture suddenly takes on a new significance.

Naturally, you’ll be excited about learning how to live like a local – knowing the best places to eat, engaging in new traditions and understanding a different way of life but, more unexpectedly, living like a local becomes an absolute necessity if you want to get anything done!

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Top ten reasons to love learning a language

Our insights after 28 years of teaching

They say the first step is always the hardest and that’s especially true for something like learning a language.

It’s always so rewarding to see our students take their (usually trepidatious) first steps in language learning, before falling in love with the whole process of discovering a foreign tongue.

From what we’ve learned in 28 years of teaching, these are the top ten reasons to love learning a language:

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The top five excuses for not learning a language…

… and why you can’t use them!

It goes without saying that we’ve heard every excuse in the book in the last 28 years… and we’ve overcome every single one of them.

At the Marlow Language Centre, we come across the same reservations time and time again, but the trick to surmounting those mental blocks is to see those “reasons” for what they are – unfounded excuses that you don’t have to be guided by!

Want to know if your favourite excuse is on our list? These are the five most common reasons we hear for shying away from learning a language – and why you can’t use any of them…

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How to help your employees love learning

Perceived obstacles and how to overcome them

Learning a second language can be a smart career move, yet many employees find themselves terrified of tackling such a challenge.

This can be both frustrating and baffling for you as a manager – especially if you find language learning easy yourself – so how can you best support your employees to not shy away from the benefits of bilingualism?

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How to converse with locals abroad

Ten things to bear in mind when you’re thinking of striking up a conversation

Chatting to locals can be one of the most rewarding and enriching parts of travelling, giving you the chance to learn about a new culture and lifestyle and really get a feel for a different country. It can provide a wonderful mixture of practical advice and cultural insight and an experience you’ll remember for years to come.

Research shows that the majority of us (60%) would like to speak to locals when we travel abroad, but with only a quarter of us managing to do it, how do you strike up and hold a conversation when you’re travelling?

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Broken your new year’s resolution yet?

How to maintain motivation for your language learning in February and beyond

Hands up if you started the year with a flurry of new year’s resolutions and career goals.

Even for the biggest procrastinators amongst us, January 1st seems like an enticing time to start developing our skillset by setting goals like learning a second language.

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Languages: a national priority for Brexit

The “national priority” we need to focus on for the UK to compete internationally

The British Council has called for languages to become a “national priority” in the run-up to Brexit after research shows that English youngsters are among the worst in Europe at foreign languages.

Past studies suggest that our young people are lagging far behind their European peers, with many unable to understand more than basic words or phrases and new research confirms that two-thirds of adults (67%) surveyed said that the UK does not encourage enough young people to learn other languages and 63% said schools should dedicate more time to foreign languages.

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Why face-to-face learning is better for your bottom line

All businesses have one thing in common – the bottom line.

The need to consider how everything the business spends will impact that bottom line is what makes the idea of training your staff to improve their language skills through distance or online training programmes so enticing.

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