General English courses

  • Develop all the skills you need for successful everyday communication in English: reading, listening, speaking and writing skills
  • Pronunciation training and practice
  • Extend your vocabulary and improve your grammar
  • Regular homework and tests to make sure you don’t forget what you have learned

Learning options

  • One-to-one non-intensive
  • One-to-one intensive
  • Mini-group

Choosing a course

You can choose from a range of learning options from one-to-one private tuition, to groups of up to eight participants. We can also make special arrangements for corporate clients – employees or managers or business owners who need to learn a language for business. We can help you choose the right course for you in your chosen language, based on:

  • Your current level of proficiency
  • The level you want to attain
  • How soon you hope to attain that level
  • What you’ll be using the language for
  • The time you can realistically set aside per week
  • Whether you prefer an intensive on a non-intensive approach
  • Your budget