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Teaching, translating and interpreting in over 50 languages since 1988

Learning options

We offer a full range of options for people wanting to learn a language: for private individuals, for the personnel of companies and other organisations, for junior school children, and for older students preparing for exams. You can choose from intensive and non-intensive teaching methods. We can help you assess your own learning objectives and suggest a programme for you that will suit your needs and your budget.

Getting started

You can book a free initial consultation or a one-off trial lesson – and you're always welcome to contact us for an informal chat.

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Intensive vs non-intensive

Graph comparing typical intensive versus non-intensive progress from beginner to advanced through elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and upper intermediate – against number of hours' study: with intensive learning the student can attain advanced level in 108 hours; with non-intensive learning the student can attain intermediate level in 108 hours.Our 27 years' experience has shown us that anyone with the will to learn can master a language. This graph shows the average rate of progress for students studying a language on a private one-to-one basis at the Centre. Your rate of progress will depend on the type of course (group, tutorial or private) and on your previous knowledge of languages.

Some of our clients have opted for a one-to-one intensive teaching plan and have gone from beginner to advanced level in the equivalent of two-and-a-half weeks' full-time study. It can be done. This level of intensiveness suits some people, but not everyone. If you want something a little less intense – or even a lot less intense – whatever your needs and your other commitments, we have a plan for you.

Ways to learn

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